Your First Year
With Us

This is a summary of the events and training a new college graduate joining the company as a CAST (currently Hokkaido Airport) member will undergo during the first year of employment, from getting the job offer to being able to work on his or her own.

October in the year before joining the company

Job offer ceremony

After the job offer is given, a job offer ceremony is slated to be held at New Chitose Airport in October. Those who received job offers will introduce themselves to each other, meet their senior co-workers, and tour the airport and employee dormitory, etc.

April in the first year of employment

Company entry ceremony and joint training

On April 1st, a company entry ceremony will be held at New Chitose Airport. Also in April, joint training with the Hokkaido Airport Group will be held. Trainees will learn proper social manners and attitudes through classroom work and hands-on training. It is also a chance for group employees to become in sync and to get to know each other.

April to June in the first year of employment

Basic training and on-the-job training

Basic training (classroom work) and on-the-job training will be done at the employee's respective workplace. In the classroom, employees will learn about personal appearance, customer handling, and basic job-related knowledge. Then they will be paired with experienced employees and receive instructions and guidance on the job. They will gain the knowledge and practical skills necessary for their jobs.

From July in the first year of employment

Working on your own

After acquiring the basic work skills, the employee shall work more independently. The timing of this independence will be decided depending on the employee. Experienced workers will continue to provide support even after the employee starts to work on his or her own.

From July in the first year of employment

Continual training

In addition to basic job duties, training will constantly be provided for new job duties as necessary. In addition to seasonal job duties, training will continue throughout the year.